Counseling & Psychotherapy Services

Whether you are seeking individual therapy, couple's counseling, or family counseling, Prisma rates are all the same. Regardless of how many clients are in the room (there is an exception for group counseling when available and any off-site visits) at one time, Prisma rates are $150/hour. Clients are usually seen for 1 hour/week, but appointments can be increased/decreased as needed.

Diagnostic Services

Whether you are in need of a forensic assessment, an evaluation for school or university, diagnosis for disability eligibility, or any other need, Prisma has you covered. Prisma employs the profession's gold standard, SCID-5-CV & SCID-5-PD, to arrive at a complete and accurate diagnosis. Appropriate accompanying measures are also administered as needed to provide context to the complete diagnostic picture.

Consulting Services

Have a difficult client or patient (waivers required)? Need clinical insight on a case? Need a management strategy for an unusual HR situation? Want a fresh pair of professional eyes and perspective to be provided? Need a guest speaker to provide insight on a wide variety of psychological issues? Prisma is perfectly structured and ready to meet your needs. Not sure if Prisma is the right consultation choice for you? Contact Prisma now and find out how Prisma can serve your organizaton's needs!


Scientist-Practitioner Model

A product of 8 years of post-graduate education to include years at Drexel University, Villanova University School of Law, and University of Notre Dame, Jeremy A. Montemarano, M.A., LPC has molded his practice based on his experience as a researcher and internationally published author. Research informs practice and practice informs research. In the mental health field, all too often a gap is found between the work presented in research journals and the work performed in the therapists' office. At Prisma, the practice always strives to bridge the gap between the work performed in academia and the work performed in practice.

Prior to forming his practice with Prisma, Jeremy A. Montemarano, M.A., LPC had an array of placements across both clinical and counseling fields. In Indiana, Mr. Montemarano conducted forensic assessments for both the University of Notre Dame Legal Aid Clinic and the Department of Children and Family Services. Also while at Notre Dame, Mr. Montemarano held a year-long supervised position at the University Counseling Center. In Texas, Mr. Montemarano has operated primarily in private practice while also collaborating with several colleagues a few times a year to lead seminars.

Always a Handshake When You Leave

At Prisma, you will always be treated with the respect and understanding that you deserve. No matter the issues or level of distress you are experiencing when you come through the door, and no matter the intensity of the session, you will always be heard and accepted without judgment. And you will always leave my office with a handshake.


Next Steps...

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